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If You Like Paul Schrader...

Over on the podcast, we've been discussing the films of director Paul Schrader. In our first series, we covered his first three films: Blue Collar, Hardcore, and American Gigolo. We then took a look at films from late in Schrader's career, films that further delve into the idea of "a man alone in his room": Affliction, First Reformed, and The Card Counter. Below, we've compiled a list of films you might enjoy if you enjoyed the Schrader slate. (These don't include the films of Robert Bresson, but every Bresson film is recommended in relation to Schrader.)

Films recommended if you like...the early years

  • Car Wash, 1976 dir. Michael Schultz

  • On the Waterfront, 1954 dir. Elia Kazan

  • 8mm, 1998 dir. Joel Schumacher

  • Joe, 1970 dir. John G. Avildsen

  • Blow Out, 1981 dir. Brian De Palma

  • My Own Private Idaho, 1991 dir. Gus Van Sant

Films recommended if you like...the later years

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow 2020, dir. Jim Cummings

  • A Simple Plan, 1998, dir. Sam Raimi

  • The Seventh Seal, 1957, dir. Ingmar Bergman

  • Winter Light, 1963, dir. Ingmar Bergman

  • The Good Thief, 2002, dir Neil Jordan

  • Croupier, 1998, dir. Mike Hodges

In a later series, we'll be exploring Schrader's screenplays.


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