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Why Does the Wilhelm Scream?

Why Does the Wilhelm Scream was established in 2022 as a bi-monthly podcast committed to talking about and championing films of all kinds in a way that straddles the line between irreverent and insightful. As an arts and culture publication, we also provide reviews of current and past films, along with feature essays, and lists.


Why Does the Wilhelm Scream believes in the idea of approaching cinema through a serious, thoughtful lens, while at the same time retaining a gleeful intellectualism and sense of wonder. We seek to bring sharp, honest criticism combined with the ability to laugh at ourselves, and, when necessary, movies, too. 

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image of Brock Kingsley

Brock Kingsley

Brock Kingsley is a writer, critic, artist, and educator living in Fort Worth, Texas. His work has appeared in publications such as Brooklyn Rail, Chicago Review of Books, Paste Magazine, Tahoma Literary Review, Waxwing, and elsewhere. Find more at

image of Jason Wiseman

Jason Wiseman

Along with being a film enthusiast, Jason Wiseman is the founder of the Reel House Foundation, whose mission is: "to introduce people to forgotten or little seen gems while providing as much benefit as we can local children and family charities." Find out more at

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